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Video Tutorials

Video playback requires a high speed broadband internet copnnection. If your download speed of the video during playback is slower than the video being displayed you may notice that the video pauses. To prevent this annoying stopping and starting, simply click on the ‘pause/play’ button located on the lower left part of the video screen to pause the video for a minute or two before resuming playback, this allows the video download to catch up and bypass the playback.

CrimeSoft Advanced Professional (for all versions) The New AeroAdmin Remote Support Software for CrimeSoft - How to easily install and use this awesome software that provides you with high end security and remote live on-screen tech support. and its size is less than 2 MB!!!
Runtime is only 4 minutes.


CrimeSoft Advanced Professional (for version 16 and later) The New Display Interface - Beginning with FileMaker 16 there is a whole new way of opening, displaying and navigating files. This is a must see for all users in departments planning to deploy FileMaker 16 or later on their networks. Run time is only 4 minutes 30 seconds.

CrimeSoft Advanced Professional (for version 15 and later) The New Report look with your Patch or Logo - CrimeSoft Pro 15 features the abliity to add your department logo or graphic in color or black and white to the redesigned, cleaner great looking Criminal Report headings.
This short 6 minute video demonstrates how to properly prepare the logo and put it into CrimeSoft with ease.

CrimeSoft Advanced Professional (for version 14 and later) The Criminal Report Case Name and Master Name File - This is a must see important video covering how to enter names into a report. A completely new interface to enter names into a report quickly with just a single button click, without leaving the criminal report data entry screen !! The first minute or so covers general info about the 3 case name tabs for our new customers, the rest of the video is about the new interface. Also covering case name record tracking and the last minute of the video has a few nice to know tips. Running time is 11 min 23 sec..
(Note: CrimeSoft Advanced Pro 14 videos are hosted on a new fast dedicated 'Screencast' server)

CrimeSoft Advanced Professional and all other CrimeSoft versions- Auto Entering Your Account Name - for all versions. This video covers how to easily setup CrimeSoft to automatically enter your account name at the Log-on window when starting CrimeSoft. Running time is slightly over 1 minute. After completing the video instructions your account name will be entered for you whenever you log-on from that computer. Speakers On !

     Flash Version

  Quicktime Version

Passwords and Accounts - for versions 10 and later. This video titled 'CrimeSoft Passwords' shows the log on procedures and using the password setup utility to quickly setup a user account. After the setup is complete the video goes into the administrative functions and procedures for resetting an account (stripping out the password).

The final part of the video demonstrates a CrimeSoft program where the administrator has turned on the optional 'Record Locking' function
(a function that locks a record after it is printed).
By using the quick Re-log on script (which enables you to log on to a specific file with a different level access account without having to re-log on to the entire program) he is able log on as a supervisor and quickly toggle a record that was locked open and/or closed.

Running time: 7 Minutes

Electronic Ticket WEB Viewer setup - for versions 11 and later. View the first in a series of videos for the new CrimeSoft Advanced Professional Series. This video demonstrates how you can easlily setup the ETicket WEB viewer to view and interact with your Electronic ticket providers secure WEB Log-on page. Running time is slightly over 4 minutes.

The Code Lookup File - For versions 10 and later. This video titled 'The Code Lookup File' demonstrates this time saving feature and the ways to properly use the code lookup file for entering crime, clasification, and criminal codes into your criminal reports.
Running 9 and a half minutes the video shows the many ways you can enter data into this section. The final minutes discusses the various ways to populate the lookup file beginning with a quick simple single entry and ending with a demonstration on how to import all your data at once from a codification file.

Older CrimeSoft Version Videos Below


CrimeSoft Advanced Professional (for versions 12.3 and 131) The Criminal Report Case Name and Master Name File - This is a video covering how to enter names into a report. The first part shows how to manually enter a 'Case Name Record' into a report and then instantly create a 'Master Name Record' from it. Then learn how to enter names into a report quickly with just a few button clicks from a 'Master Name Record'. Also covering name record tracking and the end of the video has a few nice to know tips. Running time is slightly less than 12 minutes.

     Flash Version (not available)

  QuickTime Version

CrimeSoft Advanced Professional - What's New - This video covers the new features that were implemented since the previous release of CrimeSoft Advanced 10. Running time is slightly over 19 minutes.

Criminal Reports and the Master Name File - for versions 8.5 to 11. This video titled 'Criminal Reports and the Master Name File' demonstrates the ways to properly enter names into your criminal reports. Running slightly over 14 minutes the video demonstrates the entering of a person the first time and then creating a new master record from the initial entry. The final minutes show the fast and easy entry process of using a master record to create and automatically populate a newly created incident name record. (Video is for CrimeSoft Advanced 10 and earlier)

The new Container Supplement - for versions 9.5 to 11. CrimeSoft Advanced 9.5 features a completely redesigned document and file storage supplement called the “Container Supplement”. This supplement file can store Microsoft Word and Excel docs and files, graphic and PDF docs and files, auto-expanding full screen movies (MPEG, WMA, AI, QT and more) and JPG, TIFF, BMP, WMA photo support, sounds and recordings, if it can be created on a PC it can now be stored in CrimeSoft. Plus OLE support for on screen editing via object linking and embedding, and newly designed file printouts.
This new supplement file allows unlimited documents, files, photos, movies and more in each record!
Easier and faster to use, with a great newly designed interface. Length is 12 Min 43 Sec.

Older Videos Below - Prior to CrimeSoft Advanced version 9

Fixing the CFS Line Item Blotter Link for multi-users only- The first maintenance video. This video covers the resetting of the 'Line Item Blotter' report button.
A call to our tech support uncovered an inproper link assigned to this button. Instead of displaying the line item blotter report in the CFS (Calls For Service) file, it was displaying the full blotter report. This video gives easy to follow instructions on how to reset the button, directing it to the proper report. the whole process takes only about 2 minutes to accomplish.
Note: Resetting the button requires the full version of FileMaker Pro which all multi users have installed on their workstations, single users (not having the full version of FileMaker Pro) have been notified and will receive instead a replacement file with full instructions on how to implement the change.
Note2: This reset is already incorporated into releases shipped after 2-24-2010 and in Version 10.

Running time: 2 min 50 sec.

Fixing the CFS Line Item Blotter Link for single user licenses only- The maintenance video with instructions for impementing the new CFS file. This video covers the installation and importing of files as well as the link to download the new CFS file. Click on the link below.


More videos are planned in the coming weeks and months, if you would like to see a video on a particular subject please let us know.