CFS Fix for single user licenses



The new CFS file - Click the icon below to download (save) the new CFS file ( for the runtime (single user version). Do not download it into your CrimeSoft root folder, doing so could overwrite your existing CFS data.

Note: Before using this file, you will need to unzip the file after downloading.

 Click the Icon to the left to download the file


Fixing the CFS Line Item Blotter Link - The first maintenance video. This video covers the replacement (on single user CrimeSoft systems) of the CFS file with a properly directed 'Line Item Blotter' report button.
A call to our tech support uncovered an inproper link assigned to this button. Instead of displaying the line item blotter report in the CFS (Calls For Service) file, it was displaying the full blotter report. This video provides easy to follow instructions on installing and importing your current CFS records into this new file (above).

Note2: This new file is already incorporated into releases shipped after 2-25-2010



Video playback requires a high speed broadband internet copnnection. If your download speed of the video during playback is slower than the video being displayed you may notice that the video pauses. To prevent this annoying stopping and starting, simply click on the ‘pause/play’ button located on the lower left part of the video screen to pause the video for a minute or two before resuming playback, this allows the video download to catch up and bypass the playback.