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technical support

The vast majority of CrimeSoft users never need technical support. You can however receive fast technical support via one of three means. These services are provided to customers who have current annual license and support..

The first is unlimited phone support (including texting) at (816) 781-9305.

Second, our secure AES 256 + RSA 1024 cryptographic keys remote LIVE on-screen support. You can view (opens in a seperate window) the one page PDF outlining the great security that AeroAdmin provides and how you have complete control over access to your computer by clicking the 'Click to View' button below.


Click on the button below to download the 2MB remote support software.



The third method of receiving support is via Email at include as much iinformation as you can about the problem including a return Fax number or Email address.

To receive the fastest response to your question, please include the following information.

1. Type computer and manufacturer (ie. Dell XPS quad core I7).

2. Type of computer usage (ie. Stand alone, Server, Workstation, or Remote Laptop).

3. Type of Windows Operating System (ie. Windows 7 , 8, 8.1, or 10--- 32 or 64 bit). Multi users include the server/host computer operating system and whether it's running FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Server.

4. CrimeSoft version and SN along with a list any programs running concurrently with CrimeSoft .

5. Give a detailed explaination of the problem or question.

Click on the @ Email button above to send your query to our Support Department. Queries are normally responded to in less than 24 hours.

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