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Below is a list of "frequently asked questions". If you have a question about CrimeSoft and it is not listed here please give us a call at 1-816-781-9305.

Question: What are the operating system and hardware requirements for CrimeSoft?

CrimeSoft Advanced Professional operates on Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1/10 (4GB RAM minimum). Hard Drive requirements - 60GB free space. Supports both 32 and 64 bit operating systems.
It can also be used with 2010, 2012 server.

Question: Can CrimeSoft also access other information we have on MySQL server?
Answer: Yes, with ease!  CrimeSoft Advanced can access information stored in MS SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL. CrimeSoft utilizes standard system-level DSN's and as an administrator you decide what level of access to provide (read only or read/write).

Making CrimeSoft Advanced your one source tool for bringing all your data together. Check for the very latest on operating system requirements.

Question: How long does it take to learn CrimeSoft? Most of our officers are computer novices, will they be able to handle this program?
Answer: Most departments find that they are using CrimeSoft within an hour or less. The program comes with an informative, easy to read, printed manual; however most people find the CrimeSoft interface to be so intuitive and easy to use, that reading the manual is optional (we do recommend that you at least skim over it). Also the DVD has a copy of the manual in PDF format along with the PDF reader that allows you to print additional copies if you so desire.

Question: How difficult is it to set-up CrimeSoft for networking and do I need to have other special items?
Answer: CrimeSoft is very easy to set-up. To begin with the program auto installs from the DVD all you need to do is specify whether the computer is going to act as a server or a workstation. The Crimesoft manual has concise step by step illustrated instructions that enable even a novice to easily have a network up in running in no time at all. Should you run into an unexpected problem, our tech help line is just a toll-free phone call away. As for special items, all that you need is FileMaker Pro 15 or later (required for networking) installed on your machines, FileMaker Pro is not included with your CrimeSoft purchase - however give us a call (we will provide you with contact information that offers substantial discounts to government agencies) if you need assistance in getting FileMaker Pro or would like some help in determining what setup is best for you, for larger network installations or for increased performance with a multitude of great administrative feature including automated unattended backups you might want to consider purchasing FileMaker Server software for use on your Host/Server machine instead of FileMaker Pro. You can also go to for specific system requirements and/or contact your state's Director of Information Resourses or local school system to recieve special FileMaker discounts-sometimes up to 40% or more off.

Question: Our officers use laptop computers in the field. Is CrimeSoft capable of merging their files with a network or other desktop computers used in the station?
Answer: Yes. The multi-user version works great and supports all of the software functions on Laptops and Windows Pro (not RT)Tablets connecting via 4G or 4GLTE with full functions, you can also use Apple IPads and perform most of the software functions.
The multi-user version of CrimeSoft will allow you to install the program into laptop computers that are not connected to the internet (we call them remotes). CrimeSoft running on these laptops have additional activated features for merging files including one that allows for the one button exporting of these files to a flash drive or CD or network connection. The server or other desktop computer can then easily and seamlessly merge the files and records into the main CrimeSoft program.

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