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CrimeSoft Advanced 9
powered by
FileMaker Pro 9

In CrimeSoft Advanced not only will you get great reports but you can also design your own additional reports to suit any department need. You can even print reports to a PDF or excel file. Network users will be able to support up to 250 workstation connections at one time. Maximum file size has been increased to a whopping 2 Terrabytes, not only does this new program support Jpeg and other picture formats but also Movies!.

Stand-alone, peer-to-peer networking or workstation system requirements are WindowsXP w/SP2 or Windows Vista.

Server networking requirements are Windows XP Pro w/sp2 or 2000 w/sp4 or 2003 Server.

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Sneak peek #3

Calendar Pop-ups on date fields for easy data insertion

Sneak peek #4

Type ahead feature on select fields for easy faster uniform data insertion. As you type, a dropdown box displays all matches for the letters you are typing, the more you type in the more the list is refined, just click on your choice and it is entered into the field for you.

Sneak peek #5 & 6

Insert special symbols into any text narrative with just a click of the mouse button and keep a running count of the number of words contained in the narrative at the the bottom of the entry field.

Sneak peek #7

Special Tabbed area simplify data entry. The new Master name file features a separate unique master record for each person in the database and data entry ONLY requires entering this identifier code to complete the entire data entry for an individual ! Previous CrimeSoft programs are upgradeable with your existing Master Name File and Crime files, no need to reenter any data !

Below is a screen shot that displays a tabbed data enty area and a pop-up 'tool tip' (Check for Master record Unique Identifier Code) that appears when your mouse hovers over the icon picture that shows 3 people and a background form

(note: the screen capture program that took the shot below does not show the mouse pointer, which by the way now turns into a hand pointer whenever it moves across any button).


Sneak peek #9

Master name file now features 'Master' records that serve as templates for point and click name file incident creation. No longer do you have to fill in suspect or victim information , just click a button and the name file is automatically created from the 'Master Record' !

Below is a partial screen shot of a sample 'Incident Name File' created instantly from a Master Record.

Note: All of your old master name file records are 100% compatible with the new CrimeSoft Advanced. Any of your older records can be instanly duplicated by clicking a button to create a master set of records!