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TIPS CrimeSoft Advanced

VIDEO TUTORIALS - You can see online CrimeSoft Advanced Video Training by clicking on the button below.

Replacing incorrect data in automatic lookup fields - This article will explain the process of fixing misspelled/incorrect or other data in the CFS auto entry fields (ie: City, State, Zip etc.). Click on the 'Windows' icon to the left for a fully illustrated article on this process.

Resetting the Calls For Service (CFS) numbers- This article will explain the easy process of resetting the CFS Call numbering . Click on the 'Windows' icon to the left for a fully illustrated article on this process.

Importing multiple photos (CrimeSoft Advanced versions 9.3 thru 9.7) - Beginning in CrimeSoft Advanced 10 this process is easily accomplished and automated via a button. In earlier versions of CrimeSoft (9.3, 9.5, and 9.7) importing multiple photos from a folder into a single container file record was not automated, this article will explain that manual process. Click on the 'Windows' icon to the left for a fully illustrated article on this manual process.

ZOOMING & Window Enlargement...
Holding down the Ctrl key while moving your mouse center scroll wheel will zoom in or zoom out your data entry screens for easier viewing
   - OR -
For a more permanent solution that doesn't require adjusting the screen each time you start CrimeSoft try this. If your screen resolution is greater than 800 x 600 you can setup CrimeSoft to automatically enlarge all the screens for you. It's easy to activate or deactivate (see below) and works perfectly with a screen resolution of 1024 x 768, however you can test it out on any resolution to see the results.

Open CrimeSoft and from the 'Edit' pulldown select 'Preferences'. A dialog box (below) will open.
Check the 4th item in the 'General' Tab titled "Enlarge window contents to improve readability".
Once you select this option it will remain activated unless you turn it off.

Setting up the CrimeSoft Advanced WEB viewer to display department info
Setup a web page for your department to view.. You can create a layout with a viewer like the one you are viewing now and point it to any web site page or local document (that is in a web recognizable format) that you feel as an administrator would benefit or assist your officers. Examples include an internal web site that contains department codes or policies or maybe just a single pdf document located in a shared folder on your server. The web viewer supports all types of web pages and formats (the syntax shown below is that of a PDF file titled "myPDF.PDF"). For CrimeSoft Advanced versions 8.206 or later you already have one department web viewer layout created for you in the Main Menu file which is temporarily pointed to a web page that contains these instructions, Earlier versions will need to create a new layout with a web viewer on it, in the Main Menu file.

You will need to go to the 'Layout ' mode (available only with the full version of FileMaker Pro) and the set this browser window to the proper URL (right click on the web viewer and select 'web viewer settings'). You can then rename the button that is pressed to view this layout to more accurately describe this web portal.

The syntax to point your WEB viewer is:
local machine:

Network file:
file://///ipaddress or computername/shared folder/myPDF.pdf


Expanding the Google Map to fill the web viewer
You can easily expand the map that is displayed in the various web viewers by simply clicking on the small extend arrow (see arrow outlined in red below)

Setting up a password or changing an existing password.
The changing of an account password or setting up a password for the first time can be accomplished in one of three ways.

The best and easiest way is use the password utility (version 9 or later) located in the 'Main Menu' >'Additional Menu Items' >'Utilities Menu' shown below. It takes just a few seconds and sets the password up for you in all of the required files. All that is required is for you to log on to CrimeSoft with the account whos password that you want setup or change, goto the 'Log-On Password Setup' Utility and enter a password. Click the 'Set now' button and you are done. Then next time you log on with that account you will be required to enter the password. There is also an online training video explaining this in detail.


Important Note! The example below, we do not recommend using. The below example only changes the password in one of the many files needed for a correct log-on. Only experienced IT personnel should use this proceedure under the direction and advice of our staff!

When the log-on box (shown above) is asking for a password do not enter one, instead click on the 'Change Password' button.

If there is not an existing password for your account leave the 'Old Password' field empty, otherwise enter your old password there. Then type in the New Password and type it again in the Confirm New Password field.
Click 'OK'.
You have just setup a new password for the Menu file.

After the initial log-on to the 'Menu' file in CrimeSoft Advanced, the 'Menu' file opens up the rest of the files on at a time by passing on your account and password information to them. Since you have just changed your password in the 'Menu' file the remaining files that require a password (see a list of those file below) will not automatically open because the new account information has not yet been changed in them to reflect this new password. As each of these files opens you will be presented with a log-on box, be sure that the account name is correct then click on the 'Change Password' button and enter the information exactly as you did in the previous step (Remember: if you did not have an old password when you changed the initial password on the Menu file, you will not have an old password on the remaining files since these have yet to be changed).

Another way to change your password in the files is to log-on as you normally do and allow CrimeSoft Advanced to open all of the files, then navigate to each of the files listed below and select 'Change Password' from the 'File' pull down menu,

Files requiring a password are :
Supvpg (version 11 or later)
Inventory (version 10 or later)
Eticket (version 11 or later)