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importing multiple photos into ver 9.5 or 9.7

(In CrimeSoft Advanced 10 or later this entire process is automated via a button)

Note: You can print this article by right clicking on this screen and then selecting 'Print' from the dialog box.

First navigate to the new container record that you want to import all the photos into. Then select the 'IMAP_SVPG' layout as shown below in the left picture. then write down or copy the 'Record #' shown in the right picture below. (Note: the status bar containing the layout selections is in the top for versions of FileMaker Pro 10 or later and on the left side for earlier versions).

Next, select the 'IMAP_VPLINE' layout as shown below

Now from the file pull down menu select 'Import Records > folder... as shown below.

A series of dialog boxes will appear, follow the instructions/information below


Then, paste or type into the 'Record Number'Field the record # that you copied in the first step.

Finally select 'Replace Field Contents...' in the lower left photo and then when the dialog box appears (below right) be sure that the first option is selected and that it displays that record number that you copied and then click ton the 'Replace' button.




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