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Screen Shots

menu screen shots-10 (reduced to fit)

The 'Main Menu' connects you directly to some of the data entry screens (like the Criminal Report or Property Room),
or to sub-menu screens (shown below). This 'Main Menu' can be directly accessed from any data entry screen.

The 'Supplement Menu' (above) connects you directly to the different supplement data entry screens. Each with
their own printed reports.

The 'Master' Sub-Menu connects directly to the powerful Master Name and Case Name files. Including Master Records,
Case Name Records, Booking and Arrest, Photo Lineups, MugShot Profiles, Data Mining, Wanted Posters, and Much More!

The CFS (Calls for Service) is a dispatching program complete with user definable 'Caution" and 'Warning'
alerts, one click time stamps, cross reference to critical files and much more. This Menu also connects to
the Warrant, Citation (standard), and Programmable Electronic Citation data.

The Electronic Citation file has its own menu shown above.

The 'Additional Menu' is accessed directly from the 'Main Menu'. Provides easy access to items that
are not normally used on a day to day basis. Some of these item menus are shown below.

Above is the 'Utilities Menu'. Some of these items are only accessible to supervisor or higher account
log-on's (Initial Setup, Remote Setup, Network Setup, and Department Inventory) .
Note: CrimeSoft comes preloaded with 99 Data Entry, 20 Supervisor, 1 Administrator, and 1 Read Only accounts.

The 'Administrative Menu' requires an Administator account log-on.

The 'Online Help Menu' allows you to view interactive WEB Viewers live without having to leave the
CrimeSoft Program. You can even program a WEB viewer to view an HTML internal or external
WEB site or page or PDF file via the 'Department WEB' button.

There is even a Menu that your department can customize to link to other files.         



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