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Screen Shots

Dispatching-Calls for Service(CFS)
5 screen shots (1 Standard & 5 DarkMode)

The CFS module is a powerful multi-file sub-program containing dispatching, warrant, and citation files. Like the other files in CrimeSoft, the CFS module is seamlessly integrated into CrimeSoft. In addition to its own internal and external relational file linking, the CFS module links its data and files with the CrimeSoft main "Case Name" and "Crime" files as well providing the user with multiple types of cautions, warnings, and alerts. The end result is a module that provides the operator with fast, accurate up to the minute data that is crucial in many real time dispatching scenarios..

There are two types of data entry screens from which to choose to enter data into the "Calls for Service" file, the Full-View or the Multi-View.
Briefly, the Full- View has 2 options for display, the standard (shown above) and DarkMode (shown below) contains all the data fields, alerts and portals on a scrollable window.
Not shown is the Multi-View (primarily for older low resolution screens) breaks the data into three distinct separate smaller windows grouped by data type.

See the Operators Manual pages 75-95 for additional detailed info, how to guides and screen shots on the powerful module.

DarkMode shown above

A click of a button displays the data connected to the warning

A click of a Tab will display the 'Location of Complaint' (above) or the 'Location of the Reporting Party'.

DarkMode list view showing priority calls (red bar) normal calls (blue bar) and cleared calls (darkened bar).


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